About Us

Why Wooden Toothbrushes?

Plastic toothbrushes are an environmental hazard most people are not aware of. This info-graph explains: 

Our toothbrushes made from bamboo, meaning they are sustainable, non-BPA and bio-degradable. 

Who Are We?

We believe having a cleaner, healthier smile shouldn't come at the cost of damaging our planet and our own bodies. That is why Mary The Dental Hygienist launched The Wooden Toothbrush Shop.

The Wooden Toothbrush Shop is the first curated shop for the highest quality eco-friendly and health conscious toothbrushes. Based on scientific research and Mary's 30+ years experience in the dental industry, we guarantee to only bring you the best.

Shipping Promise

Please know that our products are made from natural bamboo sustainably grown in China so shipping times can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks.  We understand just how much you can’t wait to use your new toothbrush but please be patient.  Order early or better yet order a years supply ahead so you never get caught without your favorite brush. 
Thanks for caring.