Proper Brush Care

Let's talk about proper care for your bamboo toothbrush.

There are five important tips you need to know for your own health.


1) Make Sure Your Entire Toothbrush Thoroughly Dries Between Use

Since our toothbrushes are made of bamboo, you don't want it to be in constant contact with water.

2) Multiple Toothbrushes

You want multiple toothbrushes. By switching out your brushes, this allows the other ones time to properly dry. Drying is important so that it's not damaged by the water.

3) Put Your Toothbrush In A Holder

Instead of putting your toothbrush in a container,you can put it in one of our holders. These holders have a hole in the bottom to help aid the water with draining.

3) Traveling Case

Most people take their toothbrush in some sort of traveling case while on the move. You want to remember to take your toothbrush out at some point because it needs to breathe. If you're looking for an eco-friendly traveling case, you can check out our store.

5) Up-cycling & Composting

You want to dispose of your toothbrush in the proper way. If your toothbrush is showing discoloration, that's one of the first signs that it needs to be disposed.

You can upcycle your brush or compost it if you wish. Disposing it in the trash is also possible because at least the brush is made of bamboo.